I hope everyone checked their Daily News papers or the circular bag that is left on your porch every Thursday for the $0.50 off Tide coupon because the Tide deal is back at Shoprite!

I checked my weekly circular bag and the coupon is in the Red Plum insert! If you didn’t get it today, surely check your Sunday paper to take advantage of this deal and stock up on Tide Simply Clean and Fresh!


Starting Sunday 11/13, ShopRite will have Tide Simply Fresh & Clean Laundry Detergent on sale for just $1.99 each. Combine this deal with the $0.50 coupon that should double and with get them for just $0.99 each!

Here are some pictures of the last  time I did the deal:


Here are some tips:

  • Remember that you can only use 4 like coupons per transaction.  Meaning you will have to separate your transactions with every four you buy. I find it easier to just go to different registers or leave the store and come back in, or go to different stores.  It all depends on the time of day, the look and feel of the cashier and how crowded the store is at the time.
  • Self checkout is your friend!
  • The limit is usually four per variety. So you can get four Sensitive, Four Oxi, etc per Shoprite price plus card. I am not sure if the limits are per card or if the cashier makes sure because I haven’t had an issue yet.
  • If perhaps they sell out, get a raincheck and just grab them when they are back in stock.

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