These are my top tips for couponing at Walmart!

tips for couponing at Walmart

Check out these tips to help make life easier when couponing at Walmart.

    1. The Golden Rule: Know the Policy!  Good thing for you is we have a simple overview of their policy on our website and you can download and print a copy of the official policy here.  You can also visit to view and print their policy. Keep in mind that Coupon acceptance is at the manager’s discretion, as written in the coupon policy.totally up to the manager on how the coupon policy works at their store.  Keep this in mind when you shop, at the same time, don’t be hesitant to call the manager for a final word.
    2. Be Patient! Golden Rule: Treat others how you would want to be treated.  Be understanding and have patience. If you run into an issue, make sure that you have the correct item. Brush up on the store policy and know it by heart (or have a printed copy ready). Don’t be afraid to ask for the manager and/or go to customer service if you need further assistance.
    3. Yellow Vests Will Come. Walmart’s cash register’s will “beep” or prompt the cashier to call a manager if the a cashier scans:

      • 4 or more like coupons per transaction (my safe limit is 4 like coupons).
      • $50 or more in coupons in one transaction.
      • A coupon with a value $5 and over.
      • Coupons that will deduct a percentage off of the total sale.

      The key here is to be patient and remember who can make the final call. You get more bees with sugar than salt.

    4. Catch the Savings. Use the Savings Catcher App! This is one of my favorite couponing apps next to Ibotta because it’s super easy to save.  Originally, this was a stand alone app, but is now a part of the Walmart app. Here’s how it works.  Simply make your purchase and get a receipt.  Go to the app, scan the barcode or QR code on your receipt and that’s it.  What the Saving’s Catcher App does is looks at every product you purchased on your receipt, then compares those brand name products against the prices at other stores.   The whole process takes just a few days.  If the other stores have a lower price, then Walmart will give you the difference on a Walmart e-gift card.   Easy peezy.  To download the Walmart app, visit the App Store or Google Play.
    5. Coupon during a non-peak time. Don’t go when it’s crowded (hard to do at Walmart right)? Go when it’s slow (is it ever?). My favorite time to visit Walmart is from open until 10:00 am on any given day, especially when I’m couponing.  The earlier the better.  When it’s slower, it helps you to stay focused with couponing, the cashiers are usually more relaxed and the employees are more helpful.
    6. Let Walmart Pay You to Shop! Use Coupon Overage to your advantage! Walmart is the only store I shop that allows coupon overage.  Coupon overage is when the value of the coupon is more than item price resulting in an overage of the coupon amount.  For instance if you present a $3 off coupon for an item that is $1.50, Walmart will give you the item for free and allow you to keep the difference. You can have them apply the extra $1.50 to other items, or you can opt for cash. Most stores reduce the amount of the coupon, some don’t accept the coupon or they allow you an overage but won’t give you cash back. Basically, they pay you to shop.
  1. Bring your Competitor’s Coupons  Walmart accepts competitor’s coupons! They’ll accept coupons that are from/for other stores, Catalinas included!  In order for Walmart to accept the coupon, here are the rules:

    • A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99 Buy one get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a specified price
    • Have a valid expiration date
    • Are acceptable in black & white or color
    • May not be duplicated

The more you coupon, the better you will get at it. Whether you have a great experience or a not so great experience, call 1-800-Walmart and give your feedback OR complete the survey that’s offered on the bottom of your receipt, they love it.

Feel free to leave your best tips in the comments. USA, LLC

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