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Coupon Organization is the most important task you can do when it comes to couponing, especially extreme couponing.

Organizing your coupons will seriously make or break your shopping trips and overall  couponing experience. If you are not organized, couponing may seem difficult and leave you with a negative experience,  making you never want to try again.

It’s much easier to shop, coupon and save when you are organized.  You save yourself time and money!

There are two main methods of organizing coupons:

The File Box Method and The Binder Method

File Box Method

This is the easiest way to organize your coupons.  It takes less time up front, and you clip as you go and only have what you need per trip on hand.

Here’s what to do:

    • First, get a box big enough to hold coupon inserts. (I got a file box from Dollar Tree when I used this method.)
    • Use file folders or tabs to divide the space inside.
    • Label each tab or folder with the date and name of the insert.  For example: Smart Source 2/12 Tip: The date of the insert is always on the outside crease of the insert, it’s in a small font but it’s always there.
    • Put your inserts inside by provider and date.
filebox coupon organization
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This makes it easy and you clip only what you need! For example, when a match up calls for a coupon from the 2/5 Smart Source, you know exactly where to find it.  You can clip the quantity you need and keep it moving! The downside is that you may miss out on an unadvertised sale item or a clearance item because you may not have grabbed a coupon for it.

Binder Method

 coupon organization couponing binder coupon organization coupon binder

This method is the best method for extreme couponers! This is for those who have time to clip, cut, and organize coupon, so they never miss a deal.

Here’s what to do:

  • Get a binder! I suggest a zip up binder and it would be great if it had a handle or a strap. I got one for Target for a few bucks.  Best to get them around back to school time or from back to school clearance.
  • Get baseball card holders to hold your clipped coupons.  I usually pick these up at Walmart where I find you get the most bang for your buck but you can usually find them in the stationery area of any store or at any stationery store.
coupon binder pages coupon organization
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  • Get binder tab dividers, one for each category.
  • Organize your binder by category.  You can use our Printable Table of Contents (included in the back of this guide) or you can create your own. I use the categories based how the aisles are organized on the top store I coupon at, and it just makes it easier.  I then organize the categories in alphabetical order.
  • Once this is done, I clip the coupons, sort by category, and insert them into the baseball card slots.
  • I zip my binder and keep it in my car until Sunday when I have to add or remove coupons.

Although the binder method can be time consuming, you have a chance of always having your coupons with you whenever you go shopping.  If you see something on sale that I need (or want) that is not on your list, you have a coupon ready to go.

This is especially good for clearance sales.


Pocket File Method

Use this method to hold your clipped coupons on your trips to the stores.

Here’s what to do:

  • Use the front pocket to hold all of the coupons that you pull from the other pockets as you shop through that store.
  • Organize the rest of the tabs by store, in alphabetical order
  • Use the last tab for Catalinas, Extra Care Bucks, Register Rewards, and other store specific coupons.
  • This is an extra step but makes it much easier to shop through the store and checkout

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  1. I like the binder method the best. That way you can flip through and see what you have more easily!

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