If you haven’t heard , Shoprite is giving you a new way to save! That’s right! You can earn money with this program.

It’s simple. Watch videos from different brands to earn dollars. Once you reach a certain amount ($3, $6, $9 or $12), these funds can be added to your price plus account and redeemed at checkout on your next shopping trip.

Visit ShopRite Downtime Dollars and click on “Get Started”.

It will ask you to log into your Price Plus account.

Once you sign in, you’ll be able to watch various brands to earn various amounts of dollar. 

 So far, all have been under $1.00 but there were enough videos that I watched that earned me $3.00 in about 5 minutes. The videos are about 30 seconds long and after each video there is a short survey to complete. The dollars are added to your account.

(I did this right from my phone)

You can then redeem those dollars in increments of $3, $6 or $12.
Check out the website and be sure to review the FAQ. If you have any questions, comment below.

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