Another way to get coupons is directly from the company! Most times these are thee absolute best coupons and a lot of the time you can get coupons for free products.

Write companies for coupons! These letters can be compliments, complaints or questions. 9 times out of 10, if you take the time to write a company, they will send you some coupons.

You can visit the website of the product of your choice, click on the contact us link and go from there.

Here are some tips:

  • Reach out to one company per day.
  • Be genuine and get some freebies and discounts.
  • Be specific
    Don’t just write Nabisco and say you love their snacks. Tell them that you love their Double Stuf Oreos.
  • Make it personal
    Tell them how much you, your kids, your spouse, your pets, etc love their specific product. Talk about a specific time you used the product. Let them know if how fresh the product was, how it was packaged, etc. Thank them for making the product.Tell them how much it helps you in your day to day life. Companies seem to really like the fact that they are making your life better.
  • Always be pleasant
    At the end, thank them for their time.
  • Be honest!
    Only make a complaint if you have a legitimate complaint. Companies usually launch an investigation so it’s important to give them accurate information. If you have a complaint, make sure you have the product package available. They will want codes off of it so they can alert their quality control department.
  • Try to avoid emailing 5 brands made by the same manufacturer in the same day. (Like emailing Pillsbury, Totino’s, Betty Crocker, etc which are all General Mills brands)Examples
    For example, I wrote Turkey Hill and told them about a brand of their iced tea I couldn’t find, and they sent me all kinds of coupons. I wrote Reese Cups because I purchased a pack that were stale, they replaced that pack with coupons and sent me more. I wrote another company because my toddler loved their cookies so much, they sent coupons for free boxes of cookies. Or that time I wrote Meow Mix because a brand of their cat food made my cat sick, they sent me coupons for two free bags and a few dollar off coupons as well.

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