Yes, the Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Edition has increased in price by a whole dollar.  The retail price is now $3 per paper.  The amount of the coupons inside still outweigh the cost of the paper, BUT why pay more when you can pay less, after all we are couponers for a reason right?  We ​have some ways to get around paying the $3 .the Philadelphia Inquirer article stack of paper

#1 – ​Get your  Philadelphia Inquirer Sunday Paper from Dollar Tree!


They are just $1, can’t beat that


  • Usually a limit on the amount you can purchase.  Sometimes 1-4 per person, depends on the store – be sure to call ahead.
  • They sell out fast, like literally within seconds of opening.
  • You have to get there at least 30 minutes or more before they open to stand in line to get first dibs on the Sunday paper.
  • Some Dollar Trees do not let you check for coupons

#2 – Sign up for a subscription for the Philadelphia Inquirer.


  • Just $2 per issue
  • Delivered right to your door each week


  • You have to pay a $4 activation fee
  • There have been reports that sometimes coupons are missing from the paper.
  • You will only get one issue
  • Leaves the possibility for someone to take it from your steps or porch

#3 – Get the Daily News on Thursdays!


  • Pay just $2, the same you would for a Sunday paper
  • Get the same coupons on Sunday (sometimes the coupons and coupon inserts may vary)
  • Get a jump on your Sunday shopping, be ready to shop n save first thing Sunday morning, instead of having to get your coupons first, get a jump on organization.


  • You only get coupons, you won’t get the weekly circulars for your neighborhood stores (think Shoprite, Fresh Grocer, ACME, etc).  So it’s a chance you won’t get the super coupons that come with your circular from stores like Fresh Grocer and Shoprite.  The in-store circulars differ from the ones in your Sunday paper.

However, if you get the porch packet on your porch on Thursdays you will get the circulars.

Other tips:

If you are going to pay full price or pay for any papers from any other store than Dollar Tree, pick your store wisely and rack up on points to help with your couponing.


Get a Daily News or Sunday paper from Wawa.  If you have the WaWa app, add the funds you are going to spend to your electronic gift card first, then use the gift card to buy the paper.  This will help you earn rewards faster.


Rack up your Walgreens Balance Rewards.  These can be used as cash for future purchases once you reach a certain amount

Rite Aid

You won’t get Plenti Points, but you will get Wellness Rewards which can up your status to allow you to gain 10% or more discount all year long.

If there is something I missed, leave it in the comments below.



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