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Fetch Rewards is what I like to call a couponing companion app! It’s the perfect app to supplement your couponing and stretch your dollar. It pays you to upload a picture of your paper receipts from any store.

Scan. Earn. Get Rewards.


The great thing about Fetch Rewards is that you only have to scan your receipt! No watching videos like Downtime Dollars, or scanning items with Ibotta. Just scan your receipt and go!

Fetch allows you to earn points from participating Brands that are listed on your receipt. Redeem your points for gift cards to some of your favorite retailers: Amazon, Target, Panera Bread, Walmart & more! The points are comparable to a dollar amount.  For example, 5,000 points can get you a $5 gift card.

Earn bonus points if your item exceeds the target price.  Earn special offer points for completing offers within the app.

When you download the app and sign up with promo code KV5JD, you get 2,000 points, which is like getting $2.00 free! Just remember to enter the promo code before you add your first receipt.

1. Download the Fetch app in the Apple App Store  or Google Play Store

fetch app

2. After you download the app, sign up with your email address or sign up with Facebook.

Enter Referral Code: KV5JD to get 2,000 bonus points

Check out the Special Offers and Brands to earn points. Special Offers are item specific (for example: Earn 1,000 points when you buy 2 Knorr Recipes Mix Product), Brands are price specific, the number of points you earn is based on the price you pay for the item. For every $0.10 spent on a participating item, you earn one point (for example, If you buy Pepsi for $5.00, you’ll get 50 points. If you buy $20 worth of Pepsi, you’ll earn 200 points.

3. Checkout at the register

4. Scan your receipt.

Open the Fetch app. Tap “Scan” at the bottom of the app to take a photo of your receipt then tap “submit.”

4. Let Fetch review your receipt

You’ll get your points in just a few minutes! Fetch reviews your receipt and they’ll even double-check with you to make sure they didn’t miss any qualifying purchases.  If the app didn’t catch something, you can “add item” to fix it.

5. Get your Gift Cards!

Redeem your points for gift cards! After you earn at least 3,000 points, you can redeem those points for gift cards!

6. Have FUN!

Fetch is super fun to use because it’s soooo easy.  Just Scan, Earn, and Get Rewards. You can shop at any grocery store, purchase almost anything and best of all you can use coupons and still earn points! Submit every receipt! Just be sure to submit your receipt within 14 days of purchase date to earn points!


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