Super Stacked! That’s what I call this deal. Super Stack the Olive Garden with Raise using discounts, save big and feed your family!

I paid about $18 for all of this! 

What I did was combine a Raise Gift Card welcome deal with a Buy 1 Take 1 Olive Garden Promo and coupon code Wow check out this fantastic stacking deal you can do at Olive Garden! Feed a family of four, or have food that lasts a few days!

Here’s how!

First get your gift card
(I suggest doing this part on the computer because through the app and mobile site, I couldn’t see the discount applied, although it may still go through, I didn’t take any chances).

Then use your discounted gift card towards their Buy One Take One promotion going on on top of an Olive Garden discount code.

Instructions on how to get your gift card from your computer:

  1. Click here ( to sign up and create a new account.
  2. Verify your email
  3. Enter your mobile number, they will text you a code so you can verify your phone.
  4. This IS NOT a step you can skip if you want your $10 discount.
  5. Search for an Olive Garden Gift Card (be sure you pick one that is a voucher that can be used immediately.  Do not select one that has to be shipped).
  6. Pick a card with a value of $25 or greater or 2 smaller cards that equal $25 or more.
  7. Apply promo code WELCOME10 for $10 off $25
  8. If there is a $5 offer preloaded into your account make sure to take that off before applying the better $10 promo code.
  9. You will get an email quickly when your voucher is ready to use (I got mine within 15 minutes).
  10. Print it and use it to pay in store.

How to use the use the gift card to get the deal on food

  1. Go to Olive Garden’s webiste
  2. Search for Buy 1 Take 1 promotion (starting at $12.99)
  3. Add 2 or 4 meals to your cart. (You’ll need to add $30 or more to your cart).
  4. If you aren’t to $30 yet add an appetizer or a kids meal to get over $30
  5. Use code 5off30 to get $5 off your order
  6. Select “pay at restaurant” and then pay with the gift card from below.

Simple. Short and Sweet.

Here are some tips!

  • This will only work if you are a new Raise subscriber.
  • Gift Card Takes about 15 minutes to arrive. (mine did) but it can take up to 24 hours
  • You can place your Olive Garden order in advance and pick up at a later time of your choice.
  • Your gift card will be delivered to your Raise account
  • You will need to print your gift card. I am unsure if Olive Garden will take it from your phone
  • The Buy 1 Take 1 meals are just that! One will be hot and ready, the other “chilled to perfection” to eat later. You can still eat it the same day you purchase it but you will have to heat it up. They have heating instructions right on the containers.
  • The Take 1 Entree (second entree that’s free) doesn’t come with salad or breadsticks, only the meal you actually paid for.
  • There are a limited amount of meals to choose from.

Any questions? Drop them below.

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