Pennzoil Instant Win Giveaway – 22,000 Winners

Pennzoil is running an awesome giveaway with 22,000 winners and the promotion only lasts 22 days! Get yours! I got mine!

It’s a very simple giveaway: Sign up, get a code, enter that code on the website, spin the wheel and win your prize!

Win $22 Shell Gift Cards, $22 MIR, A Trip to the 2019 Pennzoil 400 Race, Pennzoil Hats, Backpacks, Sunglasses, Key Chains, Coolers, Mugs, Socks and More Ends 3/31/18

1) First, visit the website Pennzoil Instant Win Giveaway and sign up to request your codes.  Then go back and sign up again, you can sign up for TWO codes per email address.

Tip: Use Gmail to sign up and request your codes.  There have been reported problems with entrants receiving their codes with other email address services.  

2) Wait a few minutes for your email to arrive.

3) Click the link in the email and enter your code

4) Spin the wheel and claim your prize!

The “Prizes” are as follows:

  • $22 Mail-in Rebate Check. ARV: $22 USD/$27.49 CAD (QTY: 5,000)
  • $22 Shell® Gift Cards. ARV: $22 USD/$27.49 CAD. (QTY: 5,000)
  • Pennzoil Hat. ARV: $15 USD/$18.74 CAD. (QTY: 3,600)
  • Pennzoil Drawstring Back Pack. ARV: $20 USD/$24.99 CAD. (QTY:
  • Pennzoil Foldable Sunglasses. ARV: $8 USD/$10 CAD. (QTY:
  • Pennzoil Flashlight Key Chain. ARV: $5 USD/$6.25 CAD. (QTY:
  • Pennzoil 6 Can Lunch Cooler. ARV: $10 USD/$12.50 CAD. (QTY:
  • Pennzoil Tire Shaped Coffee Mug. ARV: $24 USD/$29.99 CAD.
    (QTY: 1,200)
  • Pennzoil Socks. ARV: $10 USD/$12.50 CAD. (QTY: 1,200)
  • Joey Logano 1:64 scale Diecast Car. ARV: $31.50 USD/$39.36
    CAD. (QTY: 500)
  • Joey Logano Hat. ARV: $15 USD/$18.74 CAD. (QTY: 1,000)
  • Trip to the 2019 Pennzoil 400 Race (“Race”). ARV is $2,500
    USD/$3,123.85 CAD. (QTY: 1).

Total ARV of All Prizes: $429,650.00 USD/ $530,291.22 CAD.

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