Shoprite Coupon Policy


We’ve listed the basics of the Shoprite Coupon Policy for a quick overview and easy understanding when it comes to using coupons at Shoprite to save big, build your stockpile and have an enjoyable couponing experience.


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You can find the full version by visiting: Shoprite’s Official Coupon Policy


Shoprite Coupon Policy Overview

Shoprite’s store manager has the authority modified at the store manager’s discretion.

Shoprite accepts:

  • Internet printables, but only if they scan
  • Accepts Digital Coupons.  You can add digital coupons to your Price Plus Card on Shoprite’s Website or through the Shoprite app! Here is a helpful video: How to add Shoprite Digital Coupons to your Price Plus Card
  • Coupons for over a dollar on but will reduce the amount of the coupon.
  • Accept Catalinas even with another logo on it as long as it says “Manufacturer Coupon”.


  • Shoprite Doubles Coupons.  Each store varies, but most double your coupons up to $1.00, some store fully double your coupons.  For example, if you present a coupon for $0.75 off a jar of mayo, Shoprite will also take off $0.25, making the total amount off $1.00. For stores that fully double, the same amount of the coupon will be taken off twice, for bigger savings.
  • Shoprite allows stacking of store coupons (digital and in-ad) with manufacturer coupons.
  • Shoprite offers Downtime Dollars.  Downtime Dollars is a program that Shoprite runs where you watch videos and give feedback, in return you get cash added to your Price Plus Card.  For an overview of the program read this: Shoprite Downtime Dollar$.  You can also watch the step by step video here: Shoprite Downtime Dollars 101: How to Add Funds to your Price Plus Club Card

Need a printable version? Download a copy of the Shoprite Coupon Policy below.