These are my top tips for couponing at Shoprite!

  1. Know the policy! Visit Shoprite’s website to view and print their policy. Please note, coupon policies can vary by store, so stop by the Customer Service desk and get a copy for that store. Things to know about most locations: you can use 4 like coupons per transaction. Most Shoprite markets  will double your coupon up to $1, you can stack a Shoprite coupon with a manufacturer coupon.
  2. Use your Super Coupons! Super Coupons are the coupons that are included with your circular. You can usually get these at the supermarket from customer service or attached to your circular. Most of the time they will come attached to the circular that you get in the Sunday paper or with the weekly ads that are thrown on your porch.
  3. Use your Digital Coupons! Add your digital coupons to your Price Plus Card before you go shopping up until you checkout. I personally add all the digital coupons to my computer on a Sunday, when all the coupons are usually available. I find it easier to just add them all and forget about it. The computer works best for me because it’s easier to navigate than the app. You can also use the app as well to add the digital coupon. The earlier you add, the better. You can download the Shoprite App here. You can go here to add Digital Coupons straight from the website to your card.
  4. Stack your coupons! You can stack a Shoprite Digital Coupon with a Manufacturer Coupon to maximize savings! Remember that a digital can only be used once and that’s it. Some have reported that they have used it more than once but the policy is one and done.
  5. Go during a non-peak time. Don’t go when it’s crowded. Go when it’s slow. It helps you to stay focused when couponing and the cashiers are usually more relaxed.
  6. Pick your cashier! Don’t go to just any ole cashier. Look for friendly, helpful cashiers. I find that younger males usually fit this description. However, I always try to pick someone that is happy, smiling and relaxed. Find your cashier and make them your favorite and vice versa. Sometimes when a cashier is really impressed, I may give them extra coupons.
  7. Count your coupons! Make sure you count your coupons before giving them to the cashier to make sure they take each and every coupon off.
  8. Make Self Checkout your friend. Yes you can coupon at self checkout and often it’s easier to just do it yourself.
  9. Get Rainchecks! If Shoprite is out of stock of a sale item on your list, save your coupons and get a raincheck. Once back in stock you can use a raincheck along with your coupons to get the deal!
  10. Be Patient! Golden Rule: Treat others how you would want to be treated.  Be understanding and have patience. If you run into an issue, make sure that you have the correct item. Brush up on the store policy and know it by heart (or have a printed copy ready). Don’t be afraid to ask for the manager and/or go to customer service if you need further assistance.

The more you coupon, the better you will get at it. Whether you have a great experience or a not so great experience, call 1-800-Shoprite and give your feedback, they love it.

Feel free to leave your best tips in the comments.

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  2. As a newbie, this article helps tremendously. I have had a few hiccups and now I know what to look out for.

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