Here are some tips for shopping at Bath & Body Works!

    1. Coupons are good 3 days before their expiration date and 3 days after. This is a standard Bath & Body Works policy.  Don’t be so quick to discard those coupons.  You can use them 3 days before they start and 3 days after to overlap a sale or get a deal you may have missed.  The only time this doesn’t apply is on coupons that are good for one day only sales like $2.95 wallflowers, etc.
    2. Happiness is Guaranteed! Love it or bring it back! Bath and Body has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love the quality of our products, even if you use them,  you may return them at any time, to any store.  Visit their website to find out more about their return policy.
    3. Coupons combined on Black Friday! On Black Friday and Black Friday only, you can stack all of your coupons! Golden Rule: You must qualify for each coupon used.  So if you have three $10 off $30 coupons, you can save $30, but you have to spend at least $90.
    4. Wallflower Plug-ins If you have purchased a plug in that stops working, just return it to your closest Bath & Body Works and they will exchange it for a working one.  It will be LKQ (the same like, kind and quality) as your original one!
    5. Coupons that come together can be used together The coupons you get in the mail are like gold! They are much better than the emailed coupons and are the best when combining coupons and sales. Any coupons that come together in the mail and are valid on the same day may be used together in the same transaction.
    6. Swipe your Victoria Secret Card.  Did you know that Bath & Body Works and Victoria Secret brands were sister companies? Yup.  So you can use your Victoria Secret Angel card at Bath & Body Works.  The only downside is that you don’t get reward points for using you VS at Bath & Body Works.
    7. Grab VIP bag or bucket! Always grab the VIP bag and/or bucket whenever you can.  They come about once every three months or so.  You can usually get over $100 worth of product for just $30 with a $30 purchase (or similar pricing).
    8. Free gift wrap! Yes, you get free gift wrap and cello with any purchase all year long. Some Bath and Body Works employees are skilled at gift wrapping and can make your gift look super presentable for gift giving.
    9. Email & Phone Capture – The more you give your email and phone number at the register, the better your coupons.  The system is works similar to a rewards program and tracks your purchases to send you better coupons.  So no matter how many transactions you make, give your phone and email each time.  Your phone number gets you the coupons that are mailed to your home.  Your email signs you up for electronic coupons. Tip: Make sure your phone number is connected to your home address, otherwise you wont get the coupons.  If you are repeatedly signing up and not receiving mailed or emailed coupons, contact Bath and Body Works Customer Service.

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